Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Autum Activites sunday sept 30th and goodbye from Emma

Since its creation in 2010, Muddy Mums have appeared at many events offering creative playful activities in our local natural environments. We started out transforming our mums into merfolk in a magical kingdom in the sand at Goodrington, discovered the wildlife on Totnes high street through a quiz that took us on the garden trail provided by gardening for health. Fantastic boggarts at National Play day, giant snakes and ladders at the Jubilee picnic, magical autumnal mobiles at the anniversary of the Leechwell garden and bees on sticks at the Lamb garden to help us identify the bee friendly plants.
This year we have been holding the regular sessions for Kids corner in the Leechwell garden. Planting seeds, making bird scarers from tetra paks and a good old fashioned scarecrow. We have had fun discovering the world of the mini beast With Duncan Allen and Tarryn Castle of PUPA education and recently made luxurious herbal bath bags with Tania Bryson.
It has been a wonderful journey, making friends and wondering at the ingenuity of nature and our place in the natural world. I am very grateful to all the folk who have given of their time freely to support and enrich muddy mums with their presence and skills.

From Mid October I am passing the reins to Rachel Rafiki with confidence and great excitement. She is a natural forager for life with a passion for folk music and desire to share the knowledge held with in it.
Hold on to your hats as Muddy Mums go really wild, connecting us to the land through the wisdom of our elders, celebrating the seasons and nourishing ourselves through wild foods and lots of play.

Emma Capper

We were in the Leechwell Garden on Sunday and had great fun making an Autumn picture from found materials. Although, i think us adults enjoyed it even more than the kids!!

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