Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Souling Sucess

A big thank you to all who attended our souling day in colwell wood. it was fantastic fun. when we arrived we got ourselves each a piece of hessian we could tie around ourselves like a cape and threaded, leaves, sticks, wool and anything else we could find to help disguise us from the woodland spirits.
Once disguised we crept into the wood to see what we could find.........low and behold.....woodland spirits. Handmade with woven willow and lavender stems.
As we gathered them up we left soul cakes as an offering............
We even found death, one of our characters for our story of stingy jack and his jack o'lantern. all these characters sat with us to listen to this story and learn and sing souling songs as we ate soul cakes.
Thanks to jenny wellwood from soundart radio who recorded us as we sang.
Thanks to emma capper for soul cakes and hoopla's we played afterwards. Also thanks to craig whyte for our woodland games. Hoopla's, assault course and all the rest inspired by the children.
Karen also made some beautiful bread for our picnic and helped set up.
So once again thank you to everyone who came and got involved. i hope you've been inspired for next year!
Rachel Laila Rafiqi

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